Continental Divide Trail 2009

CDTlgmapThe Continental Divide Trail (or CDT for short) is a wonderful connection of trails following near to the crest of the rocky mountains between the US Mexican and Canadian borders. Our route with some variations to the official trail was over 2,500 miles in total.

Our blog post are below. Also see here for details and maps of a 350 mile variation of the CDT we called the Big Sky route between Yellowstone National Park and near Butte Montana.

Before the walk

  1. March Black Isle coastal training walks
  2. Maps, info and planning
  3. Our Itinerary
  4. Scorn….
  5. Cairngorm wanderings
  6. We head south to the Mexican border

The walk

  1. Mexican border!
  2. New Mexico border to Silver City
  3. From Reserve, New Mexico
  4. Some photos so far
  5. Howl, howl….
  6. Pie Town
  7. From Grants, New Mexico
  8. Cuba NM
  9. Ghost Ranch NM
  10. Good bye New Mexico, hello Colorado!
  11. Northern New Mexico photos
  12. Pagosa Springs -no spring!
  13. Cumbres to Wolf Pass CO
  14. Leadville Colorado
  15. Salida CO (pronounced ‘siliva’)
  16. Lake City CO
  17. Some more South Colorado images
  18. Flip flop through the hot springs
  19. Montana! -Glacier National ‘walk in the’ Park
  20. Glacier NP photos MT
  21. Horse Whispering MT
  22. Urban Montana
  23. Central Montana-Photos from Scapegoat to McDonald Pass
  24. Big Sky Variant
  25. South Montana photos
  26. Yellowstone National Park Wyoming!
  27. Leaving Griz-country WY
  28. Mountains of Light and Wind WY
  29. Wind Rivers Wyoming – some photos
  30. Wind Rivers photos II WY
  31. Southern Winds
  32. Reader, I married him…..
  33. Some photos from the final furlong WY

Post CDT

  1. Our final two weeks in the USA
  2. Gallery of our 650 miles thru New Mexico…
  3. Continental Divide Trail photos
  4. You tube videos! Version I….

Version II ‘I’ve Been Everywhere Man’…..

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