Canada & Alaska

We have been to the west of Canada and Alaska a few times since our first short visit as part of accessing the Pacific Crest Trail in 1998.

2012 and some of 2004 available but otherwise WORK IN PROGRESS


Our last trip was in 2012, backpacking again in the Canadian Rockies amongst the fantastic wild mountain scenery . See also our short video ‘When I Get Home‘ and photos

Skoki backpack near Lake Louise

Assiniboine and Egypt Lakes backpack

Cataract Creek backpack

Skyline Trail backpack

Canada day trips 2012

2004 May to July

2004 was a long summer for us with a six month break in North America- as part of that we kayaked and backpacked some more in Canada and Alaska with a little more time to enjoy ourselves!

Alaska – Glacier Bay, sea kayaking part 1 Juneau hikes and setting off

Alaska – Glacier Bay, sea kayaking part 2 We start paddling

Alaska – Glacier Bay, sea kayaking part 3 East Arm

Alaska – Glacier Bay, sea kayaking part 4 Riggs glacier and pick up

Alaska – Chilkoot Trail near Skagway backpacking

Alaska – Sitka Island Mt Versatovia hike

Alaska – Misty Fjords sea kayaking

Vancouver Island – Johnstone Straight sea kayaking

Vancouver Island – West Coast Trail backpacking

2003 August

This time we headed for some sea kayaking as well as climbing and backpacking trips on the west coast of British Columbia.

Squamish climbing

Sea Kayaking the Discovery Islands area east of Vancouver Island

Garibaldi hike

Stein Divide backpack

Mt Macrae Revelstone

Glacier Crest trail

Lone Star ski area mountain biking

Harts Pass PCT hike (Washington)

2002 August

In 2002 we we climbed a few peaks along with some rock climbing and backpacking- we came away with an appreciation of the beauty of the Canadian mountains but with a healthy respect for the looseness of the rock… and the grizzlies!

Peak Bourgeau hike -west of Banff

Col Ouray round -north of Banff

Rockwall backpack

Lake O’Hara, Abbotts Pass Hut, Mt Victoria

Sawtooth Trail – Banff to Lake Louise backpack

Mount Temple

Moraine Lake Tower of Babel

Mt Louise rock climb

Tonquin Valley Outpost peak glacier + Amethyst lake + WatesGibson Hut

Mt Robson backpack – Adolphus Lake

Geraldine lake hike

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