Update from Reserve NM 12-05-09

We have now hiked about 290 miles north of Mexico and are in the (very small) town of Reserve, NM. Our best scenery has been on the 50 miles of the Gila river (lower and middle fork canyons for those who know the area) . Its been exciting- hot , dusty, too much water, too little water (!) and some coyotes , wolves and very few people on the way.

We have met only two other hikers and we are now hiking with them! Richard and Ted are from Florida & Indiana respectively and are both retired but are hiking hard. Ted hikes in sandals and has no stove. Richard bivvies.

Tour de Gila in Silver City about 10 days ago with Lance Armstrong I think 2nd right
First crossing (of about 100!) the Gila River
b m at doc campbells
Resupply at Doc Campbell’s – a welcome stopover along the Gila
m ted cross gila with cliffs
Ted and Martina wet their feet crossing the Gila middle fork


Ted, Martina and Richard at 6.30 am on the top of Waggon tongue mountain


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