Glacier National "walk in the" Park

We hiked south from the Candian border through the rather wonderful Glacier National Park. The week that was in facts and stats:

  • immigration officers (1 Canadian, 2 US)
  • US National Park Rangers (several, all very concerned that we hang our food into the provided bear safe hanging tree over night, make lots of noise on the trail so as not to startle a bear and use the pit toilets at the campsite – “but don’t put trash in them”)
  • moose (10, grazing in a lake)
  • marmots (hoary and very friendly)
  • Columbian ground squirrels (standing bolt-upright like mercats)
  • mountain goats (white as snow with black eyes, kids and nannies)
  • Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (group of tups lazing around, groups of ewes busy looking after lambs)
  • golden eagles (soaring)
  • bald eagle (soaring)
  • black bear (digging up stuff at the side of the trail)
  • tourists (thousands at the roadside visitor centre – very scary – only a hand-full on the trails)
  • miles walked through the park: aprox 90
  • weather: sunshine, hot
  • flowers: carpets of them (bear grass, forget me not, indian paint brush, penstemon, cinquefoil, Schafgabe, hollyhocks, geraniums, delphiniums, asters, glacier lillies and lots and lots I don’t know by name!)
  • mountains: SPECTACULAR

Many Glacier Lodge outside panob m at Grinell Pass MT3

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