Southern Wind Rivers…….

We pride ourselves in pitching the tent quickly, but maybe not this speedily !!

Our trek along the Wind River mountains of Wyoming has now been completed. We made it to the southern edge of the mountains in prairie country at South Pass City. Its been a great hike taking about 11 days. The supermarket in Pinedale, Wyoming shows that we are in hunting country………..

Pinedale supermarket


And autumn is on its way….

Our tent (middle bottom of photo) lost in granite slabs, lakes and mountains. Spider Lakes, Wind Rivers Wyoming.


Martina makes a river crossing with Warbonnet Peak looming above.


We approach the Cirque of the Towers looking like the Skye ridge in Scotland – with Scottish weather.


Cirque of the Towers. Two classic rock climbs here- Pingora Peak’s right hand skyline and the Wolf ‘s Head in the middle.

The end of the mountains… We hit prairie and dirt roads heading for South Pass City, Wyoming


One thought on “Southern Wind Rivers…….

  1. Hi Martina and Brian

    My apologies for not blooging very much over the last month but annual leave etc has got in the way. We're all laughing at your Benny Hill sketch this morning!

    It looks like you're out of the mountains is that you done or just a hop from one range to another?

    We've changed name from CPEU to BCUP (no that's not an indication of my bra size but stands for Business and Customer Performance). After 2 years I've finally got the “C” word in there..yee ha!

    Anyway must dash when you're back in the homeland we can all meet up for an Anderson session and you can decide from the beer menu which country you're going to next..

    Adios amigos…



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