Peekaboo, Spooky and Brimstone slot canyons -day trip

10th October 2016 Today we had a day trip south of the town of Escalante to some superb narrow slot canyons. It was a 26 mile drive down the rattly dirt road of ‘Hole in the rock’ road before we turned off for the trailhead. We stopped about a mile short when the road got rougher and decided to hike in from there.

We had visited here in 2004 and had a great fun day out squeezing through the very narrow slots so we knew what to expect. They didn’t disappoint the second time around!

This time we took a video of our loop through Spooky canyon first then back through nearby Peekaboo……and you can see it here or click the image below.


Fantastic fun! Next we hiked east a bit through lovely sand dune territory to another narrowing canyon called Brimstone Gulch. We only got a a short distance down this one before we stopped at some deep, deep, cold pools between the canyon walls. We gave the canyon best and retreated back to the car after that!


You can also see our Escalante photo gallery here of this and other nearby backpacks.

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