Autumn 2017 in the US south west

Back again to the canyons and high desert of the US south west in October 2017! We flew from Scotland to Las Vegas and rented a car with 3 and a half weeks to get out and backpack further into some new areas.

You can see an overview in the interactive map below and read our blogs listed below too (work in progress)…

  1. Canaan Mountain and White Domes north of Hildale
  2. Escalante loop: Boulder Mail Trail-Death Hollow-Escalante-Brigham Tea Bench-Boulder
  3. Upper Muley Twist and the rim route
  4. East Slickhorn-San Juan-Slickhorn canyon loop
  5. Dark and Youngs Canyons
  6. Hackberry Canyon-Yellow Rock-Paria canyon


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