Into Arizona…

During our rest days in the town of Kanab we bought food for the trail ahead and sent 8 days of supplies to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and, with the help of a friend, 6 days to a remote diner/hotel called Jacob’s Lake (also on the Northern edge of the canyon).

Supplies for the next few weeks

We started putting our thumbs up on Highway 89 out of Kanab at 7am on 04 May and got a lift back to the trail with an 82 year old gentleman who was driving a portable water tanker for supplying firefighting crew in New Mexico. He was driving it there from Montana!

Heading towards Wire Pass from Buckskin Gulch
Narrows at Wire Pass

The Hayduke goes through some spectacular sandstone country in and around Buckskin Gulch and then picks up the Arizona Trail (AZT) for approx 65 miles. The AZT itself starts at the Mexican border and finishes after 800 miles at the Utah border. We were hiking it southward ‘against Wainwright’, meeting lots of northbound hikers who were nearing their finish line.

Brian at the Northern terminus of the AZT

Once on the AZT we climbed very quickly up onto the Kiabab Plateau, a high limestone area that forms the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We left behind the slick gold and red sandstone and spent two days in dry pinyon juniper forest.

Taking water from a “wildlife guzzler” on the AZT (straining some “wildlife” out with a handkerchief before treating the water)
To avoid setting the dry forest floor on fire with our stove, we usually cook on a flat rock…but if none are available a cow pat does the trick!
The AZT on the Kiabab plateau
vintage transport at Jakobs Lake

After two days we got to Jakobs Lake, got a hotel room and picked up our food parcel ready for the next 6 to 7 exciting days headed for the Grand Canyon……

2 thoughts on “Into Arizona…

  1. As I sit here inside a rain battered campervan in Argyll, the thought of putting my stove on top of a cow pat to avoid wildfires is both hilarious and sad. Great to read your recent blogs, keep on trucking!


    1. Hi Sam, great to hear from you. As its a hot 100+F out here now, some rain battering might be very welcome! Hope you are enjoying the break though! Brian


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