Grand Canyon II – Crossing to north rim

After a day’s rest in South Rim village, we descended once more into the Grand Canyon and hiked to the North Rim on the popular Bright Angel and North Kiabab trails. The forecast was for temps of a sizzling 97 F down at the river so we decided to set off early….

5am, descending into the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail
Lush springs provide a green interlude at Indian Gardens
Bridge over the Colorado on the approach to Phantom Ranch where we stopped off for a break
Navigation time whilst grabbing some shade
Small wildlife
Ribbon Falls, a short way from the main trail and a shade and water refuge for the hot afternoon
We sat behind the waterfall for several hours to cool down
Frogs were croaking around the waterfall
Cottonwood campsite with rodent proof hanging poles for food – we overnighted here and started hiking up the canyon at 5 am to avoid the heat
Ascent to the North Rim in the early morning
Looking back to the South Rim from the patio of North Rim Lodge (on the day before the road into the North Rim opens)

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