Grand finale to the edge of Zion National Park

For the last section of our Hayduke hike we headed north from the Utah Arizona border to Zion National Park. Typically for us, we deviated from the actual Hayduke route to instead cross an area to the west called Caanan Mountain. Although to be fair to us, the final route used by the Hayduke in Zion NP (Weeping Wall) is currently closed due to rockfall so variants are pretty valid.

We hiked north through the streets of the town of Hildale from the Utah-Arizona state line into Caanan Mountain, the high ground in the background
We soon left the town for a steep ascent up Water Canyon
Into higher ground over beautiful cross-bedded sandstone
The scenery just got better and better – Zion National Park in the background
Colourful campsite on flat ‘slickrock’
We hiked up to the high rim of Water Canyon to see its arch
Looking back down Water Canyon
Some great hiking on the rock slabs
We can’t afford to be choosy when it comes to water! We carried this with us but thankfully later found a better supply
Amidst surreal black iron accretions sitting on top of the cream coloured sandstone
At ‘The Notch’ on the cliff tops looking south across the ‘Arizona Strip’ and back to the edge of the Grand Canyon
This is an old winch or ‘Windlass’ used to lower timber down the 1000ft cliff to the plains below
2nd night camp with grand views to Zion National Park
Morning hiking with Indian paintbrush
Looking towards Zion before descending down an old stock trail
Slow going on this route with energy sapping sand, cross country and here, on an old ‘stock trail’, rubbly descents
…desert now in full bloom…
Back into town to pick up a rental car!

Many thanks for all the help we have received with planning and logistics for this hike from Charlie Neumann, Joe Mitchell, Li Brannfors, Monica Stapleton and Jamal Green; and for support, inspiration and shared enthusiasm from fellow Hayduke hikers Heather K, Nathan K, Mike Tyler, Ryan, Peter, Race, Not Guilty, Sprinkler and ‘Butcha; also the numerous wonderfully generous Americans (and two Danes) who gave us lifts in their cars to town and those we met who gave us fruit, water and kind words of encouragement!

3 thoughts on “Grand finale to the edge of Zion National Park

  1. Congratulations on an amazing hike! We really enjoyed traveling with you virtually. Count us in on your next adventure.

    Mary, Jean, Chris and Greg. The fresh fruit folks at the Maze Overlook ________________________________

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  2. WOW! Fabulastic fantastico!!! You’ve made a wonderful blog of your wee walk. Marvelous photos! Thanks for sharing with the wider world of those of us who would have gone with you in a heartbeat…. had we been 70 years younger. Congratulations on becoming part of the Wild Southwest! Again! Happy trails back to green Scotland!


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